Police constable accuses seniors of beating him to a pulp

Police constable
Police constable Anu Raya said he was beaten by his seniors.

Janakpurdham, July 12

Police constable Anu Raya says he was beaten mercilessly at the District Police Office in Siraha.

Raya said he was beaten by his seniors after complaining he was being overworked. He said Police Inspector Hemanta Rai beat him on July 4.

Rajneesh Raya said his brother said was tied, beaten and tortured for up to 12 hours.

“They two got into an argument after which he was beaten to a pulp by Inspector Rai,” said Rajneesh.

Anu is planning to lodge an official police complaint against Inspector Rai. There is video proof of him being tied up.

SP Tekunanda Iwa on the other hand said Anu was tied after he misbehaved with locals. Iwa said he had laid hands on people under the influence of alcohol and was brought to the police station after complaints were filed against him.

“When a drunk constable starts to beat people up, you have to tie him up. That’s all that happened. We did not lay a hand on him,” says Iwa.

But Anu’s brother Rajneesh says his initial hospital report proves he was not under the influence of alcohol.

He accuses Anu’s seniors of trying to dismiss the case.

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