Ranjit Raj Onta Vies for National Youth Coordinator at NRNAA, Promising to Empower Nepali Youth in Australia

Ranjit Raj Onta’s bid for the National Youth Coordinator position at Non-Resident Nepali Association Australia (NRNAA) has ignited enthusiasm within the Nepali community, as he officially expresses his interest for the 2023-2025 term. Advocating for the needs and aspirations of the Nepali youth, Onta aims to create a profound impact on their overall development and well-being.

Onta’s campaign boasts four key agendas, each focused on empowering the youth and fostering community engagement:

First, he wants to create a “Youth Bank Account” to encourage business among young Nepali Australians. With an astonishing $100,000, this fund would provide rewards of $2,000 to $5,000 to creative company concepts that were chosen by an Expert Team. Second, Onta works to build harmony and togetherness within the community through developing relationships among second-generation Nepali Australians through sports and community events. Thirdly, Onta intends to create a complete mobile application that will serve as a one-stop platform for NRNAA events, youth participation opportunities, and a student handbook. This is part of Onta’s effort to embrace the digital age. Finally, he hopes to help Nepali students in Australia by working with important stakeholders to develop a thorough student handbook.

Additionally, Onta plans to establish a liaison with the Nepalese Embassy, enabling the issuance of mandatory certificates covering essential safety issues such as public transport and beach safety.

Onta’s nomination for the National Youth Coordinator position has captured significant attention and backing from the Nepali diaspora in Australia. His unwavering commitment to social services and youth empowerment has been evident from a young age, as he actively engaged in various community programs in the South West region.

As a dedicated substitute member of the National Youth Committee of NRNA-Australia Youth Forum for the last four years, Onta has ardently represented the state and passionately advocated for youth issues. His efforts in different organizations within the South West community have left a positive mark on the betterment of the community. Onta firmly believes that the youth are the backbone of any community, and their active participation, development, and empowerment are vital to progress. With his vision to uplift the youth and harness their potential, he presents a promising candidate to lead the NRNAA youth forum in the upcoming 2023-2025 term.

As the NRNAA election draws closer, the anticipation among the Nepali community in Australia continues to grow. Ranjit Raj Onta’s remarkable journey of service and advocacy has set him apart, making him a strong contender for the esteemed position of National Youth Coordinator. The results of the election are awaited with fervor, as the community envisions a brighter future under Onta’s potential leadership.

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