167652 tourists visited Bhaktapur

KATHMANDU, August 11: A total of 167652 tourists visited Bhaktapur in the last fiscal year 2022/23, an increase compared to the 114,092 tourists who visited Bhaktapur the year before.
In the last fiscal, 81,318 tourists who visited the ancient city were from SAARC countries while 86,334 were from non-SAARC countries.
The city has collected Rs 184 million issuing entry tickets to tourists. Around Rs 143.4 million was received from issuing tickets to tourists from non-SAARC countries while the remaining amount was collected from tourists from SAARC countries.
Bhaktapur municipality has been collecting a fee of Rs 1,800 per person from non-SAARC tourists and Rs 500 per person from SAARC and Chinese tourists.
Mayor of Bhaktapur Municipality Sunil Prajapati said that the tourism service fee collected from tourists entering Bhaktapur is the main source of income of the municipality which also goes towards the protection of Bhaktapur’s heritage, education, health, sanitation, and development.

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