Nepali Hip-Hop Sensation AFU INSANE: Birgunj’s Rising Rap Star

Birgunj, Nepal – September 19, 2023

In the heart of Birgunj, Nepal, a rising star in the world of hip-hop rap is making waves with his lyrical prowess and passion for music. Mohammad Aftab Shaikh, known by his stage name AFU INSANE, is a 17-year-old Nepali hip-hop artist whose talent and versatility have captivated audiences and earned him recognition both locally and beyond.

AFU INSANE hails from Birganj Murli-12 and is the great-grandson of Shaheed Mia, adding to his rich cultural heritage. At a young age, he discovered his passion for storytelling through rap, using his music as a medium to express his life experiences, thoughts on society, politics, struggles, and love for his country.

His journey into the world of music began with posting his compositions and performances on social media platforms, where his talent quickly gained attention and a growing fan base. AFU INSANE’s dedication to his craft is remarkable, considering that alongside his music career, he is pursuing a diploma in Civil Engineering at the Birgunj Institute of Technology.

AFU INSANE is not just limited to music; he possesses a diverse range of artistic interests, including photography, video production, poetry, and acting. His multifaceted approach to creativity allows him to bring a unique and fresh perspective to his music and artistic endeavors.

One distinguishing aspect of AFU INSANE’s career is his dedication to representing Madhesh hip-hop on the map of hip-hop. He is not only a talented rapper but also an advocate for his culture and community, using his music to shed light on the Madhesh region’s rich heritage.

One of AFU INSANE’s popular songs, “Afu Ka Khukuri,” features powerful lyrics that resonate with many listeners:

“The beginning is where Lenny Son was born Nepal is mother’s son, son of Nepal Habitual habits in the chest, country, protection, protection Let’s fight against the enemy. “Ihe Janam Ihe Khatam Kardem Sun Apan Jan Bir Gorkhali Hasan Akar is honored If you don’t believe it, turn the pages of history Ihe beautiful Nepal is a peaceful Nepal, we are proud of it” – AFU INSANE ✍🏼

Hail Nepal! Hail Nepal! Hail Nepal!!

AFU INSANE invites music enthusiasts to visit his YouTube channel and experience the powerful messages and beats in his songs.

In a conversation with the young rapper, he shared insights into his journey:

“This is my first composition based on rap music. Since I was in class eight, my interest in writing and singing started to increase. I mostly listen to the songs of famous rappers. Maybe that’s why my desire for rap songs has increased. In the beginning, I used to write and hum to myself. I have been very active for almost two years.”

Despite his growing music career, AFU INSANE places education as his top priority. He is currently in the third semester of a Diploma in Civil Engineering and achieved an impressive 72.29 percent in his first-semester results.

AFU INSANE’s debut on the stage during the Dashain fair in October 2079 marked a turning point in his career. He wowed the audience with his performance, and since then, he has been receiving invitations to perform at various events and fairs.

His dedication to expanding the realm of Bhojpuri rap songs has been evident in his creations, showcasing his commitment to both his culture and the art of music. AFU INSANE acknowledges the support and guidance he receives from mentors and collaborators in the music industry.

With a growing list of performances and a YouTube channel that continues to gain subscribers, AFU INSANE is poised to make a significant impact on the Nepali hip-hop scene. His journey from Birganj to the world stage is a testament to his talent, hard work, and the power of music to inspire and unite.

Follow AFU INSANE’s musical journey on his YouTube channel and stay tuned for more captivating tracks and performances that celebrate his heritage and passion for hip-hop.

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