Govinda KC to start a hunger strike from today

Govinda KC
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Kathmandu, December 15

Medical education reform activist, Dr Govinda KC, has announced the commencement of a hunger strike starting today.

On Friday, KC held a press conference, stating that the government has repeatedly failed to implement agreements with him. He announced plans to commence a three-day hunger strike at 5 pm today.

KC has repeatedly demanded an increase in the capacity of government hospitals and asked for the availability of all free medicines. Additionally, he has been calling for the punishment of perpetrators involved in heinous and anti-humanity crimes during the armed conflict.

Govinda KC said the a need for swift justice for the families of the deceased, injured, and missing persons through the completion of the transitional justice process. KC urges the prompt operation of the Geta Medical College, the establishment of at least one government medical college in all provinces as outlined in the Medical Education Act, and the fulfilment of the commitment to open government medical colleges in Ilam, Udaipur, and Dadeldhurara based on population and geographical considerations.

Likewise, KC calls for the initiation of programs for nursing and other health-related subjects within government hospitals possessing a capacity of over 100 beds. He stresses the necessity of establishing legal frameworks outlining criteria for appointing officials in universities and institutions.

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