Resident doctors of Kathmandu Medical College in protest

Resident doctor

Kathmandu, January 4

Resident doctors of Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) in Sinamangal have been staging a protest.

Although Kathmandu University (KU) revoked the suspension of resident doctor Dr Bishad Dahal, KMC has still barred him from entering the college.

The college administration has stationed its security guards at the gate to prevent Dahal from entering the college.

The resident doctors have been staging a sit-in protest at the hospital premises demanding that Dahal’s suspension be lifted for one month and that he should not be engaged in extra-curricular work.

KU dean Dr Manoj Humagai sent a letter to the KMC administration to revoke Dahal’s suspension on Tuesday, but the college administration has outright refused.

The college administration said in a statement that Dahal has been suspended for one month. But KU revoked Dahal’s suspension and asked the college to submit a written explanation demanding answers as to why Dahal was suspended.

KU said it will then decide if Dahal will be suspended or not.

Dahal continuously raised his voice, arguing that KMC had committed injustice in the guise of a health camp.

“I have been punished without the opportunity to explain. The took action against me for asking questions,” said Dahal. “on asking questions. “Now, I am barred from entering the college for allegedly disobeying KU’s instructions. This is blatant injustice.”

In response, Kathmandu Medical College released a statement, stating that Dahal had acted against the college administration’s directives. Consequently, they decided to suspend Dahal for one month, preventing his participation in any activities related to the PG program, effective from December 28, 2023.

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