9 rhinos died in Chitwan National Park in 6 months

rhino dead rhino died in chitwan
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Chitwan, January 17

In the last six months, nine rhinoceros have died in Chitwan National Park and surrounding areas. It is confirmed that poachers have killed two rhinoceros, while one more is suspected to be killed by poachers.

According to Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, information officer of Chitwan National Park, two rhinoceros have died this year due to old age and falling from the bush, two due to fighting and two due to attacks by tigers and crocodiles.

Most of the rhinoceros in the park and surrounding areas have died due to natural causes. According to the information provided by the park, 235 rhinos have died since the financial year 2015/16 and 12 of them are suspected to have been killed by poachers.

Rhinos have died due to old age, falling from hills, getting stuck in swamps, being washed away by floods, being attacked by tigers and crocodiles, getting electrocuted, getting diseases, falling into ditches, and consuming poison. According to the latest count, there are 694 rhinos in the park.

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