‘A Lake That Once Was’ on display in India

Painting by artist Sujan Dangol. Photo: Danfe Arts IG
Painting by artist Sujan Dangol. Photo: Danfe Arts IG

Kathmandu, January 29

To foster cross-cultural dialogues and exchanges within and beyond the South Asian region, Danfe Arts seeks to transcend geographical boundaries and bring Nepali art into focus internationally. With this intention, Danfe Arts is presenting the exhibition ‘A Lake That Once Was’, which is scheduled on January 30 at Kalamkar Hall, Bikaner House, New Delhi, India.

According to a press statement released by Danfe Arts, the intention behind organising the exhibition is to illuminate Kathmnadu’s historical transformation, providing a platform for artists to express their ideas of the city and shared urban existence.

The exhibition features paintings of Anil Shahi, Bidhata KC, Jasmine Rajbhandari, Karsang Lama, Pratima Thakali, Sanjeep Maharjan and Sujan Dangol.

It added that these seven artists have come together for the exhibition with the theme that inquires into Kathmandu’s historic metamorphosis from a sacred lake, embraced by divine beings, into a symphony of the human spirit, architectural wonders, ancient iconography and shared urban existence.

The city emerges as a nexus of identity, where each artist’s memories, life experiences and observations
collide. Through the lens of architecture and urban motifs, the exhibition delicately portrays local settlements, invoking a sense of loss and salvage.

The exhibition continues till February 4.

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