NEPSE: Last minute surge sees market go up 14.57 points

NEPSE - Feb 5

Kathmandu, February 5

NEPSE experienced a last-minute surge in trading on Monday. Hovering at 2,064.66 points until 2:59 pm, the NEPSE index witnessed a rapid increase, reaching 2,076.27 points in the final minute. That means, the market closed with a rise of 14.57 points compared to yesterday.

On Monday, the prices of 148 companies saw an increase, while 86 companies witnessed a decrease. Prices of 13 companies remained stable. However, the overall turnover saw a decline, with today’s turnover limited to Rs 2.43 billion compared to yesterday’s Rs 3.21 billion.

Other group grew the most at 4.6 per cent.

When it comes to points, Banking increased by 1 point, Development Bank by 26 points, Finance by 6 points, Hydropower by 13 points, Life Insurance by 19 points, Microfinance by 17 points, Others by 82 points, and Trading by 4 points.

Non-life insurance decreased by 44 points, Manufacturing by 5 points, and Hotel and Tourism group by 11 points.

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