Women in Data Conference 2024 celebrates women’s contributions to data and tech

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Kathmandu, March 5

The annual Women in Data Conference 2024 underscored the urgent need for collective action in dismantling systemic barriers and fostering a more equitable future for all individuals in the data and technology landscape.

It was organised by the Women in Data Steering Committee and held today at Hotel Vivanta, Jhamsikhel.

With the theme “Ctrl+Z: Rewriting Gender Paradigms in Data and Tech,” this year’s conference serves as a rallying call to address entrenched gender disparities within the data and technology sectors.

Stakeholders from government, academia, media, and the private sector converge to engage in meaningful discussions and shed light on pressing issues surrounding gender inequality in data and technology. Additionally, the conference features four skill-based workshops, providing attendees with valuable tools to advance their careers and promote inclusivity.

The plenary sessions on “Uncovering Inequality in Data and Tech” and “Rewriting Gender Paradigms in Data and Tech: A Way Forward” shed light on systemic challenges hindering women’s advancement in these fields, and sparking discussions on strategies to address gender disparities effectively.

Keynote speeches by Supriya Khadka, Conversational AI Engineer at Diyo AI, and Yeshey Choden from the GovTech Agency and Women in STEM in Bhutan, also added depth to the discussions, highlighting the crucial role of attendees to continue their efforts towards a more diverse and equitable tech ecosystem.

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