Kollter ES1-S Pro and Kollter ES1-X Pro: Is Nepal ready for electric dirt bikes?

Kollter ES1-S Pro. Photo: Kollter USA
Kollter ES1-S Pro. Photo: Kollter USA

The Germany-based company, Tinbot Technology and China-based company Jiangsu Keyroad Transportation Technology came together to create Kollter Electric Motorcycles. And now Kollter has brought their first two electric motorcycles to Nepal, the Kollter ES1-S Pro and Kollter ES1-X Pro. The two motorcycles are the same bikes with different purposes, leading to different parts and performance features.

The ES1-S Pro is a more road-focused option whereas the the ES1-X Pro is more off-road-focused. The wheel type, drive type, range and top speed differ. The difference will target people with different choices. The electric bike competes against the Yatri P1 and Super Soco TC Max in Nepal. How can the two options perform with the increase in the electric two-wheeler market in Nepal?

Let us see what the electric bike offers in terms of specs.

Specification of Kollter ES1-S Pro and Kollter ES1-X Pro

Dimensions Tyres
Kerb weight ES1-S Pro: 135 kg
ES1-X Pro: 132 kg
Ground clearance 320mm
Motor 11 kW Axial flux motor air-cooled
Peak power 5 kW
Peak torque 220 Nm
Top speed ES1-S Pro: 115 km/h
ES1-X Pro: 100km/h
Drive train ES1-S Pro: Belt
ES1-X Pro: Chain
Battery type Samsung Lithium Ion
Battery capacity 72V, 32 Ah
Range ES1-S Pro: 150 km
ES1-X Pro: 135 km
Charging 3.5 hours
Frame Steel twin-spar
Suspension Front: Upside-down telescopic forks, adjustable rebound
Rear: Monoshock, adjustable preload
Brake system Combined Brake System
Brake calipers Front: 300mm disc with linked three-piston calliper
Rear: 220mm disc with single-piston calliper
Tyres ES1-S Pro
Front: 110/70-17
Rear: 130/70-17

ES1-X Pro
Front: 90/90-21
Rear: 4.10 x 18
Instrument cluster LCD-display
Colours White | Black
Price ES1-S Pro: Rs 775,000
ES1-X Pro: Rs 775,000


Design-wise the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro are similar with the main difference seen in the drive train, wheel type and tyre type. The ES1-X Pro being more dirt-focused has a chain drive system whereas the ES1-S Pro has a belt drive system being more road and street-focused. The wheels on the ES1-S Pro are alloy wheels whereas the ES1-X Pro are spoked wheels. The tyres on the ES1-X Pro are thin and dirt and off-road focused with knobs for better grip in the dirt whereas the ES1-S Pro has a bit thicker type of tyres which are street oriented.

On the front, both electric bikes have LED headlamps with LED headlights, indicators and DRLs. The rear continues the LED styling with an LED taillamp and indicators which are placed in a triangular shape. Both the electric bikes have a huge ground clearance of 320mm. The single seat is comfortable whereas the handlebars are quite wide with all the necessary buttons to operate the bike.

The Kollter ES1-X Pro and the Kollter ES1-S Pro have a thin LCD on the front. The display is decent enough which displays speed, battery, range and time. On the side, we can see the battery placement and the graphics. The charging port is on the top of the fuel tank of internal combustion engine(ICE) bikes. The batteries are also removable which can be accessed by taking off the single seat.


Both the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro use 11 kW axial flux motors, providing a peak torque of 220 Nm. While the ES1-S Pro achieves a top speed of 115 km/h with its belt drive train, the ES1-X Pro reaches up to 100 km/h using a chain drive train, catering to different riding preferences. Both the electric bikes are powered by Samsung Lithium Ion batteries with a capacity of 72V and 32 Ah. The ES1-S Pro offers around 150 km of range whereas the ES1-X Pro gives around 135 km of range on a single charge. Recharging takes around 3.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

Both the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro have steel twin-spar frames for stability and durability. The suspension systems are the same and feature upside-down telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock with adjustable preload at the rear.

The braking system is a Combined Brake System on both models and uses a 300mm front disc with a linked three-piston calliper and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston calliper. While the Kollter ES1-S Pro’s tyre configuration consists of a 110/70-17 front and a 130/70-17 rear, the ES1-X Pro opts for a 90/90-21 front and a 4.10 x 18 rear.


The features of the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro are as follows:

  • Drive Train: ES1-S Pro (Belt), ES1-X Pro (Chain)
  • Wheel Type: ES1-S Pro (Alloy), ES1-X Pro (Spoked)
  • Top Speed: ES1-S Pro (115 km/h), ES1-X Pro (100 km/h)
  • Battery Type: Samsung Lithium Ion (72V, 32 Ah)
  • Range: ES1-S Pro (150 km), ES1-X Pro (135 km)
  • Suspension: Upside-down telescopic forks (Front), Monoshock with adjustable preload (Rear)
  • Braking System: Combined Brake System
  • Front Disc Size: 300mm Rear Disc Size: 220mm
  • Tyre Configuration: ES1-S Pro (110/70-17 front, 130/70-17 rear) and ES1-X Pro (90/90-21 front, 4.10 x 18 rear)
  • Ground Clearance: 320mm
  • Thin LCD-display

Both the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro are available in two colour options; White and Black.

The price of the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro in Nepal is Rs 775,000.


So is Nepal ready for electric dirt bikes? The answer is yes and no at the same time. With the electric vehicle in both the two-wheeler and the four-wheeler segment increasing in number at a very high rate and the tax benefits, yes electric dirt bikes can be an option. However, as the charging network in the country is still not up to the mark, it might be quite difficult for people to rely fully on the range of these electric bikes. If it is for daily use travel on the city perimeters then the Kollter ES1-S Pro might be an excellent option to tackle the rough city roads, especially in the Kathmandu valley.

Both the Kollter ES1-S Pro and the Kollter ES1-X Pro have gotten pretty good responses in the European market. So how well can it perform in the Nepali market with the likes of other electric options available and new incoming in the future?

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