Passport service for Nepali nationals in Portugal

Lisbon, March 26

A team of Nepali diplomats from the Embassy of Nepal in France arrived in Portugal to provide services related to passports to Nepali citizens. A team led by Deputy Chief of Mission Sita Basnet from the Paris-based Embassy has arrived in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon to receive applications for e-passport.

The team started the service on March 24 by setting up an enrollment centre with the coordination and facilitation at the Honourary Consulate General. The team shared that biometric details of 54 individuals including the Nepali kids born in Portugal were collected on the first day.

Basnet said that the team details for the e-passport would be collected for those whose passports were lost or damaged, whose passport’s date has expired as of December 31, 2023, and those registering for biometrics until April 30, 2024, at the Immigration Agency of Portugal and the Nepali kids born in Portugal. She shared that the team has planned to collect applications from 100 persons in a day and that the camp will run for a week until March 31.

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