3 recently released Nepali music videos signal a promising future for the industry 

Nepali music videos

As of late Nepali feature and short movies have been acclaimed globally. Beyond the local film festivals, they have participated in big-shot film festivals such as Berlina International Film Festival, Festival de Cannes and Busan International Film Festival. 

While Nepali movies are shining globally, the industry of Nepali music videos is also thriving remarkably. For the past few years, the release of some music videos has already proven the potential of Nepali music video makers. If such quality video continues, Nepali music will soon shine in the global market like the films. Last week, music videos of Bharosa of The Elements, Bujhau Malai of Sushant Ghimire and Seti Dovana of Devendra Bablu were released.

All three music videos are of different genres. But what binds them together is the quality that they possess. All three music videos are worth watching and are equally good technically and narratively.   

Bharosa- The Elements 

You are transported 28,000 years into the past, a time we can only imagine. Here, the audience is introduced to the protagonist Raju, played by Nirbhik Bhattarai, who is in palaeolithic clothing and walks around on all fours. He then encounters a banana tree, picks one from it and eats it.   

This is how the music video of Bharosa, a song by The Elements, begins.    

Directed by Robin Sharma, the music video stands out more than many other music videos of recent times due to its subject matter. Unlike other recent music videos, this one does not revolve around love and tragedy. The music video centred around the notion of trust, its importance and positive outcomes.   

The banana that the protagonist eats at the beginning of the music video metaphorically represents trust. As he eats a banana he becomes enlightened about trust. He realises to make the world a better place, people must trust each other. So he begins to give bananas to eat to people around him and develops trust. The trust gradually grows and impacts people’s lives over time. 

The use of “epochs” suggests that this trust spans different periods, influencing multiple generations. The lighting used in the music video aptly complements the unique setting.

Along with Bhattarai, all three members of The Elements have also been featured in the music video. With this music video, the trio has proved that they are not just good musicians but also hold special prowess in acting.    

Bujhau Malai- Sushant Ghimire 

Since the release of the music video for Bujhau Malai, a song by Sushant Ghimire, it has garnered wider appreciation, especially for the performances of the protagonists Rishikesh Basyal and Sandhya Nepal.  

The music video, directed by Aaditya Shrestha has a decent beginning where the two protagonists get married and everyone around them seems happy about it. Everyone in the music video is dancing and celebrating the moment. By looking at the ceremony and setting of the place, we can clearly say that the music video has the story of the people from Tarai.  

The daily activities of characters in music videos, where they would spend most of their time on the farm create authentic vibes. It makes you feel as if you are in some place in Tarai.  

The story takes a different turn when the protagonist’s house catches fire, and the male lead, played by Basyal, loses his wife. The emotion he provokes after that tragic incident is commendable. His expression while remembering his wife is natural. Anyone who has gone through such a situation can easily relate to the music video. It might even bring tears to the viewers. 

The DOP of the music video Saurav Lamichhane has captured the moments and expressions wonderfully. Kudos to Lamichhane because he is also the same person who did DOP for Bharosa. 

Seti Dobana- Devendra Bablu 

As the music video of Devendra Bablu’s Seti Dobabana begins, it takes you to the beautiful Begnas Lake.  The characters in the video are playing the ukulele by relaxing in a hammock, doing riyaaz (practising singing), boating in the river and others. 

According to the makers, the video captures the essence of life in Begnas, showcasing its diverse inhabitants and visitors in their everyday moments. 

As the video, directed by Sunil BK, unfolds, it takes viewers on a journey through the beautiful landscapes around Begnas Lake. Most of the scenes in the video are set on a moving boat. While the video appears simple as it is mostly filmed in the same setting, capturing a variety of moments on a moving object could present technical challenges.  

BK who is also the DOP of the music video deserves special appreciation for making everything look smooth in the video.   

As mentioned earlier, the video may appear simple, but its simplicity evokes such a soothing feeling that one feels like the video ended too soon. Seti Dobana is a music video demonstrating how a compelling storyline is not always necessary; even simple elements can be presented beautifully and captivate the audience’s attention. 

Moreover, the chorus of the song is so catchy that it will stick in your mind after just one listen. 

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