5 effects of eating too much sugar on body

sugar and diabetes

If you have been eating too much sugar lately, it not only increases the risk of diabetes, but it can also cause other health problems. Since sugar is used in many foods including drinks, sweets, and cakes, it is difficult to stay away from it easily.

Since naturally occurring foods like fruits, honey, and sugarcane contain sugar, it is beneficial for health if you do not use processed sugar as much as possible. Consuming too much sugar damages the body in these five ways.

Liver problems

Eating too much sugar can cause liver problems. When we eat too much sugar, the excess sugar in the body is converted into fat. Excess fat accumulates around the liver, increasing the risk of liver damage. It increases the risk of insulin resistance, dyslipidemia (excess triglycerides), and high blood pressure. Which is also harmful to the liver.

Sugar creates confusion in the mind

Eating too much sugar affects not only the body but also the mental health. Sugar affects neurotransmitters and can cause forgetfulness confusion, confusion and restlessness, which increases the risk of mental problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Weight gain

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Excessive consumption of sugar leads to the accumulation of fat in the body, which causes the problem of obesity. Because the excess calories in sugar cause weight gain. Also, eating too many calories and not exercising accordingly leads to weight gain.

Early signs of ageing

Consuming sugar causes inflammation in the body and breaks down collagen protein (a fibrous protein found in the body). As a result, the elasticity of the skin decreases and wrinkles begin to appear. Eating sugar also reduces the shine of the skin and wrinkles start to increase on the skin.

Body swelling problem

Eating too much sugar causes swelling in the body. Likewise, eating too much sugar increases insulin resistance in the body. This can lead to increased blood sugar and body swelling.

Eating more sugar means more glucose production in the blood. If the amount of insulin is high, the cells of the body are at risk.

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